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Man & Nature

We are deeply in need of contact with nature. It is in our genes. The biggest part of our existence here on the planet Earth we have been living directly of what nature has given us. The species called Homo Sapiens appeared on the planet for about 200 000 years ago. It is not until the last 10 000 years that we have become residence and forming bigger societies and have given up the hunting/collecting life. The industrial revolution has lasted for about 200 years and that is really a short time in the history of our planet. We are still having genes from the stone age man and when we are separated from nature it influences badly on our health. So again, we need nature!

This portfolio contains some picture from the project ”Man and Nature”. The purpose is to set focus on our near relationship with nature and how important this is when it comes to our relationship with each other. We are all close related with nature and with all people living on this planet. When we realize that, there will be a much bigger chance to treat all living creatures with respect and to form a world in better harmony.

Before our modern time when we learned to worship machine and money we had a more direct contact with nature. We regarded some places and living beings as sacred. There still are places where you can feel the presence of another dimension more clear than in other places. That could be places where our ancestors buried their dead or places where some big trees grew.

Some of the big trees I will include in a special project that will end up in a book and an exhibition.

Click below to find out more about the giant tree projekt